Marsmannen programma's

Start your online marketing and sales yourself.
Your online marketing and sales strategy
Online marketing and sales systems for growth
Learn how companies can transcend their limits and become more successful
Those who can inspire and motivate people get results. Stories can help you do that.
Learn the basics of good selling
An organization communicates with different groups namely with its employees, customers, neighbors, etc.
Are you taking your first steps into a marketing role? Do you regularly get involved with some aspect of marketing?
How to create an attractive profile as an organization?
Make who you are your brand
Make who you are your brand. Also online!
Get to know your industry and learn to identify growth opportunities
Integrated SEO and SEA for optimal customer acquisition
How do you market your products? What steps are essential and when do you perform them?
Guide your customers through your marketing-sales funnel.
Develop a mindset that allows you to generate more impact as an entrepreneur.
Create your own content generator to attract and convert people into customers.
Not working harder and more, but working smarter: that increases your impact.
Before a lead proceeds to buy, he or she will need to be convinced of the unique value of your service or product (to them!).
Where do you get the energy to keep marketing your offerings?
Fine-tune your business strategy
Entrepreneurship is about more than higher profits and greater job satisfaction
Launching new products and services is more complex than ever.